Who we are

VICTOR SANCHEZ is an author, international speaker and researcher in human development, whose work is known worldwide through his lectures, seminars, workshops and books.

He is a certified instructor of the Insights Discovery System, created by Andi Lothian of Insights Learning and Development Limited from Dundee, Scotland, and author of the book The Colors of Your Soul: Practical Guide To Understand Yourself and Others. In this book he brings the Jungian Psychological Types and the Insights Discovery System, down to the earth, so that they can be understood and used by anyone interested in personal growth.

His qualifications include Insights Associate, Corporate Trainer, Trainer of Trainers, Professional Coach, Coaching Trainer and Corporate Consulting Specialist.

He studied Anthropology and Psychology and is the creator of the human development system The Art of Living Purposefully.

For almost 30 years, he has given workshops, seminars and lectures in private and public universities, corporations, human development institutions and private organizations, in countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Wales, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, among many others.

Professional Services:

Coaching for Clients – One on one. This service may cover any area of interest suitable for development, either about work or personal.

Coaching Training for Coaches and Future Coaches. The training could be related to improving their coaching techniques, learning Victor Sánchez anti-coaching method or specific areas such as building self-confidence, developing a business plan, finding clients, etc.,

Personal Development Workshops indoors or outdoors for groups, organizations and corporations.

Color Energies Workshops for groups, organizations and corporations.

Certifications for Professional on Human Development Services on topics such as:

  • Victor Sanchez Anti-Coaching Method
  • Certification on Color Energy Workshops and Coaching
  • Certification for Delivering other Victor Sanchez Workshops