Los Colores de Tu Alma

LOS COLORES DE TU ALMA: Guía Práctica Para Comprenderte a Ti Mismo y a los Demás – (Spanish) New book from Victor Sanchez about how to understand who you are and how to understand others. Includes exercises to unleash your hidden potential.

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In the field of personal development, the understanding of oneself and others is at the same time one of the most needed and least understood topics. Without an understanding of who we are and why and how others are different from us, it is much harder to successfully navigate the complex demands of relationships both in our personal life and in our work. On this fundamental issue, the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung created in the early twentieth century a powerful model to understand psychological types, which to this date is still considered as one of the most solid pillars of psychology in general. However, this knowledge is too complex in its original way and because of this it remains accessible only for the specialist in Psychology.

In the early 1990’s, researcher and businessman Andy Lothian created Insights Discovery ™, a powerful -yet simple- corporate oriented system that allows ordinary people to use and benefit from the personality types model of Carl Jung’s in their everyday life , through an attractive model of four colors (color energies) and their multiple combinations.

This system has been highly successful in a surprising number of the most important companies worldwide. However, its benefits are generally known only by the senior executives of such companies..

In “THE COLORS OF YOUR SOUL: A Practical Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others,” I brought down to earth the Jungian Psychological Types and the Insights Discovery System, so that they can be understood and used by anyone interested in personal growth.

Through real life stories that illustrate the often confusing dynamic of the personality types and their difficulty to understand and interact with each other. This book Includes a simple-but complete-program of exercises to apply what is learned, and is the doorway to the powerful insights of Carl G. Jung so that in can be used enjoyed by everybody.

What this book offers is nothing less than a practical -and fun- solution for some the most common problems that everyone faces when dealing with life and relationships, without ever understanding their own personality or that of those around them.

I hope you take the opportunity to read this book and, let the power of this knowledge to enrich and transform your life.

(The English Translation of this book will be available soon on this site)