Color Energies

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The Color Energies System, as presented by Victor Sanchez is a personal growth model, which he developed from the Insights Discovery System® of Andi Lothian, with the intention of introducing broader applications of the system directed to individuals and organizations in general, which may or may not be part of the corporate environments for which the original model was built.

It is a system that can be implemented rather rapidly for the improvement of individuals or organizations in many key areas of human development, such as understanding oneself, understanding others, communication skills, emotional intelligence, team building, customer service, sales, leadership styles, deep leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, among many others.

The core of the system is built out of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung´s personality types and is managed through a easy to learn and remember colors code, which makes Jung´s powerful findings, accessible, understandable and fun for the general public.

The wide variety and possibilities for applying this model to manage and solve every day´s life problems and challenges, both at work and in our personal life, are endless. Also, one of the many striking features of the Color Energies System is how quick can be implemented.

If you are interested in learning and benefit from this system, you may consider the following options:

The Book

“The Colors of Your Soul – Practical Guide to Understand Yourself and Others” by Victor Sanchez, is a self-help book, which can be understood, enjoyed and applied by anyone interested in personal growth.

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Coaching with the Color Energies System

Using the power of this model in the coaching context, makes the coaching experience fun, manageable and delivers immediate results, without making it shallow.

Ask for information about coaching with the Color Energies System through the contact link above.

Color Energies Workshops

For organizations, groups and companies, the Color Energies Workshops offer dynamic, fun and powerful programs tailored for the specific needs of the organization.

The length of the workshops ranges from 4 hours to one, two or three days.

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