Coaching for Coaches

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This section is meant for those who want to become coaches, those in the process of becoming a coach or those who are already coaches.

In my work experience I work with a lot of people involved with coaching.

Some of them feel that they have the qualities and the interest to become coaches, but perhaps do not know where or how to start. Perhaps they have not even been in a coaching process as clients themselves.

For them I can provide career counseling, coaching, coaching training or mentoring.

Some others have already participated in some kind of coaching training or perhaps they are officially certified coaches, but they have yet become coaches in the real world, by providing coaching for real clients. Perhaps they are shy, lack the confidence or just don´t know where to start.

For them I can provide the personalized support that will be useful to understand what it is that is blocking their path to success, and help them to move beyond their potentially permanent transitional state as “coaches to be”.

Some others may be working coaches who are actually providing some coaching to some clients, but may be not really satisfied with their performance level and results.

Then we have those who are providing coaching services professionally and are happy with their performance yet would like to get a deeper level of coaching support for themselves. Perhaps, after so much training and so much increasingly sophisticated coaching conversations they need to come back to the basics of a deep one-on-one conversation with someone who understands the challenges they deal with and can offer the high quality of support they may be needing.

For all those who may feel reflected in some of the situations described here I offer Coaching and Coaching Training options.

At this point the service is offered on a one-on-one basis, but soon there will be Digital Books, Audio Books and Online Training Options. Just keep coming back here to find more information.

To ask for more information or schedule an appointment please follow the contact link above.

Coaching Professional Certification with Victor Sanchez

For those wanting to engage in formal training in coaching and anti-coaching, there is a six modules program soon to be announced in this website.

*These services can be provided in English or Spanish