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What is Coaching?

Coaching can be defined in many ways, often times including over-complicated explanations that may be a marketing device to try to show it as an almost esoteric knowledge, that is only in the hands of individuals with special powers and knowledge. However, at the end of the day, the coaching experience has been part of people´s life throughout all history.

Coaching is about trust, communication and about talking and listening without judgement and with an open mind and heart.

This type of conversation may sometimes take place among everyday people, who happen to have a good common sense and a good open heart, even if it would never come to their mind to call that conversation “coaching”.

It may also happen that even under the guidance of a professional coach, there is not real coaching, because certificates and diplomas are not a warranty that the human features which make a great coach, are going to be present within the diploma holder.

I have heard people saying that coaching is what corporate executives get because they would be embarrassed to look for therapy sessions, as if being in therapy would mean there is something wrong with you. I believe there could be some truth in that idea, because the spectrum of what people deal with in coaching sessions is so broad, that often times coaching, counseling and therapy overlap. I think I know about that because I do the three of them and they are at the very least close relatives.

In my view these distinctions do not matter that much. At the end of the day what matters for me is whether or not we can provide a service that is required, and which adds value in our client´s life.

Coaching is basically a natural function of the human soul that we all have, whether or not we know it, whether or not we use it.

What a good coaching training does is to help the trainee to tap into that natural capacity of being there in a special way; present for someone else in a relevant manner which makes a difference because it supports change, transformation and personal growth. A good coaching training is about developing something that is already part of our soul.

For that relevant and effective coaching support we can use a variety of methods, techniques, steps, theoretical frames, etc., None of them is totally unique, and not one of them in indispensable. They are just tools which, if managed well, will provide good results. This is why, more often than not, the methods and techniques will make less of a difference than the life experience, the heart openness and the hearing capacity of the coach.

Coaching is essentially about truth telling (for which the client needs to learn first how to listen to his or her own heart) and about real listening (for which the ego of the coach has to almost disappear) and about human connection, for which a good capacity to navigate the mystery of the human soul is very helpful.

A great coach is not great for what he or she can say to impress their client, but much more for what they are able to listen to in order to understand their client. And to listen and understand the client, often times they need to be able to feel what the reason is not able to describe. But how do we learn to feel…?

It is not an easy question, and that is why the coaching skills can be learned in many different ways, rather than just through coaching training, no matter how expensive.

And yes we are often times lead to believe that the coaching function is the gift that we can only get through our association to some coaching guru with more or less fame. But I don´t think so.

The flood of coaching systems, schools and coaching gurus has gotten so far and is so affected by the marketing and competition frenzy that sometimes, I describe what we need as anti-coaching to express the need of going back to the basics and away from excessive and deceiving sophistication.

The coaching situation may take place in the most simple and even humble context. It may be that the best coaching that you will ever get in your life will come from your friend, a partner or your grandma. Everything is possible and there are not rules here.

I know this could seem farfetched, but as a matter of fact I know that we can even get “coaching” from the forces of nature when we learn to understand their particular language. Those who climb mountains not because they would need to “conquer” them, but because of their love for the mountain know about this. Similarly, those who navigate the ocean for the love of the ocean know too about the companionship of the ocean and its secret language.

Yes you could get coaching from all kinds of different people, if they have it in them and in all kinds of different contexts and that is all okay. However what is important is that you get the coaching that is right for you in the context that is right for you and in the right moment.

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